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About A Better View

Our team believes that a person’s experience is his/her expertise. People are worth getting to know. Thus, we want as many people as possible to share their experiences so we can get to know and understand people from all walks of life and also eliminate non-factual stereotypes.

On A Better View, we encourage people to share their stories. It is a non-judgemental, safe space where we will listen, learn and shift our perspectives where need be. As our viewers, you are assured of interesting stories from people you would never have thought you could relate to. You will get to watch us discuss some heavy topics and light-hearted ones. We don’t want you to just be an audience, comment, share, post. All criticisms are welcome.

Our team consists of people of different races, ages, sex, religion and cultures. Our collective diverse views contribute to making our platform universal. Each episode has input from each member of our team. We value teamwork and a harmonious working environment.

We created this show with everyone in mind. Come on board and make this platform a must-watch!

“On a better view, our colourful world is showcased through people’s stories“


“I am happy to be part of the team and that we get the chance to talk about differences & prejudices but not in a bad way.“


“Let's create a platform for people to share their experiences.“